Why My Laptop Battery Light Blinking Orange? How To Solve?

As an indicator for different states of a laptop, most manufacturers design their products with a lights system. Lights can show differently based on the device’s condition at a specific time. It may be on or off while blinking fast or slowly sometimes. 

But once, someone asked us, “Why my laptop battery light blinking orange?” For this question, let’s find the answer in this post with us

Why My Laptop Battery Light Blinking Orange

Why My Laptop Battery Light Blinking Orange?

Since the structure of all laptops does not hit the same, the indication of the orange blinking light will be different for different models. It can be a sign of running low battery for some laptops. Otherwise, you can understand this message as a fault of the charger

Generally, each brand often applies different light colors for their laptops’ operation. For better understanding, we have some examples as follows.


Our first example relates to the Lenovo laptops. When the light blinks orange, it can be that the charger is in the charging process. In other cases, errors with the batteries may occur unexpectedly. 

The computer engineer can determine the problems based on the blinking speed of the light. In other words, batteries with flashing lights indicate that they get fully charged.

Lenovo laptops


When it comes to Dell laptops, there are both similarities and differences in comparison with the Lenovo line. 

When the light blinks white color, most likely, you are using an unsupported charging device. If it blinks rapidly, the battery may no longer be able to work. 

In terms of the flashing orange, it probably is a sign of the faulty battery. As a solution, you can check the information in the manual attached with the laptop or on the brand website. They will provide users with useful sources to diagnose the problem.  


An orange blinking light with the MSI laptops lets you know the fault in several parts. So here they are. 

Faulty Wall Socket

When MSI laptop battery light blinking red or even other colors, users tend to ignore the wall socket. They think that there is nothing wrong with this part of the computer at all. But the fact can actually be the opposite when the wall socket is truly damaged. 

If you still have doubts about the diagnosis, we suggest testing the charger of that device with other power outlets. If the charger can do its work correctly, the fault exactly relates to the wall socket. 

Faulty Charger

Another common reason causing the orange blinking light is a faulty charger. It is quite understandable that we often fail to detect the fault of the charger when the problem happens. However, if it starts blinking orange or red, there is a high possibility of a faulty charger. 

One way to know whether there is something wrong with the charger is to test it with other MSI laptops. Or you can try to plug a new charger into your MSI laptop. 

With a faulty charger, things can get worse if you keep using it with your laptop. As a result, the motherboard will stop working. It also lets you know that everything is not in business with a faulty charger. 

Dead Battery

Besides a faulty wall socket and charger, a possible cause that you should not overlook is the dead battery. Unlike the reasons mentioned above, this factor is considerably clear so that users can detect the issue easily. 

We know that many people still try to charge a dead battery. However, it is such a time-wasting idea. The complete dead state means that you probably charged it too frequently. Or it gets exhausting after a very long term of working with your laptop. 

Dead Battery

Although some can come back to life thanks to a proper reset, most cases fail. Before replacing it with a new one, you need to pay attention to choosing a safe method of processing the old ones to avoid the negative impacts

To confirm that the battery still works in its good condition, you can apply it to another laptop to check. 

Dusty Computer

Well, it seems to be the most common reason that we have already seen. Especially when you live in a dusty area, the dust can considerably affect your laptop’s performance. 

Dusty Computer

The more dust clings on the surface, the higher possibility it can come inside your device and ruin so many parts. For instance, dust can stop the laptop fan. Or it clogs ports of RAM and battery. For months, weeks, or even days, it damages your whole device gradually. 

To prevent this ugly dust clogging state inside the laptop, it is a need to clean the device regularly. 

How To Solve The Problems?

The following list of three will bring you potential tips to solve the problem with the orange blinking light. Let’s see.  

Detecting Problems

The first and most important step to do is determine which problems your device has with the blinking lights. If you are not sure about the indicator, we suggest you verify the charging state or check the battery icon on the taskbar. 

With an electrical plug sitting on the icon, the light shows that the batter is in charge or fully charged. In case of no electrical plug with the icon, the problem may come from the charger or batteries. 

You can click on the battery icon with a red X to see what the problem is. In many other cases, the AC adapter works with a failure. At that time, you should unplug this part from both the laptop and power socket. Then plug it back in and see the result. 

Blinking Battery Lights Without Charging

In this case, you can try to give your laptop a full reset and remove the battery at the same time. 

The first step is to shut down the laptop. Then, you unplug the charger from the device. For a proper process, you had better check the manufacturer manual before starting. 

Replacing Battery 

As we have already mentioned above, some batteries are completely dead after a long term of working. So, how should we do with an old laptop and dead batteries? Well, it is time for you to replace them. This solution is also to protect your laptop from faulty batteries. For replacement, we highly recommend choosing ones from reliable manufacturers. 

The Bottom Lines

Now that you’ve got an answer to your initial question – why my laptop battery light blinking orange. When detecting this problem, it’s best to check some parts such as the batteries and charge of the laptop and apply our above solutions. Hopefully, they can help you well. 

For further help, why don’t you ping us a messenger? We will be back soon. 

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