Laptop Battery Expanding – Dangers Near You And How To Fix Them

After a long time of using the laptop, many users began to experience battery swelling – This is the stage when the power source reaches the end of its usage life. It makes the battery quality worse, resulting in a remarkable decrease in the usability of the laptop. 

So, why is the laptop battery expanding? How to fix it? Let’s find out in the following article!

laptop battery expanding

Signs Of A Laptop Battery Expanding

Signs Of A Laptop Battery Expanding

A bulging power source will cause your device to appear changes in shape such as:

  • The keyboard starts to protrude
  • Some keys on the keyboard become difficult to press.
  • The device does not keep its balance when lying on a flat surface
  • The lower frame is slightly swollen when viewed from the side
  • The touchpad pops out of the keyboard surface

However, these signs are not always obvious, especially when the issue just occurs.

Why Is My Laptop Battery Expanding?

Why is my Macbook pro swollen battery? – You might be asking yourself. In fact, portable computer power source swelling is caused by two factors: temperature and energy density. The most common causes of this issue are overheating, overcharging, old batteries, etc.

All this causes the cells inside to release an electrolyte gas mixture, which can cause an explosion. Aware of this problem, manufacturers have come up with fire and explosion limitation solutions. In other words, it’s like a signal to let you know when it is time for news changes to take place.

Is Laptop Battery Expanding Dangerous? 

Once the power supplier starts to swell, the laptop will continue to operate at a lower performance if you plug in the charger. However, it will quickly shut down as soon as the charging cord is unplugged.

Most electronic devices use Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion batteries). This battery has a high energy storage capacity; it is lighter, cheaper, and has a lower damage rate than older batteries. 

The exothermic process of Li-ion batteries increases their temperature. In addition, compressing the entire power source block has increased the risk of overheating and portable computer power source explosion. It can be a bomb that explodes at any time if we do not handle it in time.

What Should I Do With Laptop Battery Expanding?

What Should I Do With Laptop Battery Expanding

The percentage of explosions is very low, but after all, they are no longer as good as before when the power source is inflated!

Immediately Stop Charging The Battery

When the batteries are swollen, do not continue to charge them anymore, nor should you continue to use the portable computer. Or else, the batteries’ temperature will increase, causing the risk of an explosion. You need to turn off the power, place the device aside, and stop the charging.

Find A Way To Remove The Battery From The Device

Stopping charging and using the device is not a long-term solution. You must find a way to remove the swollen power supplier from the machine, then charge it directly when using or replace it with a new one.

Yet, the expanding battery is difficult to remove. While the removal process, be mindful not to squeeze it. Once it is removed, you need to apply electrical tape to the exposed metal parts. This helps to avoid electrostatic shock. After that, you should put the power source that has just been drawn up in a cool place, away from objects that can spread heat or cause fire or explosion.

Do not throw bulging batteries in the trash, as they are both harmful to the environment and potentially harmful to people around. It is best to find recycling facilities, collect e-waste in your area.

If the device has a removable power supplier, the removal is a bit simpler. Meanwhile, if your device is a type with a built-in one, the removal will require more technicality. In this case, you should bring it to the nearest facility for technicians to assist.

How To Avoid Laptop Battery Expanding?

To minimize the risk of explosion, users need to master safe power source usage methods. Here are a few tips from the experts:

Use High-Quality Chargers And Batteries

Use High-Quality Chargers And Batteries

The use of poor quality accessories, improper assembly are the main causes of problems. Thus, it is important that you purchase batteries or chargers at reputable technology stores, and it will be better to choose products of the same brand.

Keep Your Laptop Battery Cool

Keep Your Laptop Battery Cool

Portable computer batteries are a flammable and explosive component, which always give off a lot of heat when in operation. To avoid causing them to “burn out”, you should leave the device in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. In addition, you can add a cooling pad for the device to avoid vents clogging and heat release. Do not put your portable computer on the bed or mattress!

Regularly Clean Laptops

The contact place between the hardware component and notebook computer is the dustiest area. The dust that accumulates for a long time will limit the heat dissipation of the machine. Bearing that in mind, you should clean the notebook computer regularly to remove these plaques and help the machine cool faster!

Avoid Power Failure Due To Battery Drain

Letting it drop to 0% and power down is not advisable. If this situation repeats many times, it will be very harmful to your power hardware components and device. The maximum level that you can still safely use is 5%. Hence, be quick to find the charging cord when it drops lower!

Properly Charge Your Laptop When You Just Bought It

Normally, sellers will recommend charging and discharging the first three times. Use it to less than 5%, then let it charge for 10 hours, repeating the first three charges. At the same time, you absolutely must not plug in the charger and use it during the first charging times.

Do Not Plug In The Charger Continuously

Do Not Plug In The Charger Continuously

Some people often think that plugging in the charger continuously or using it while charging is completely fine. Unfortunately, that is completely a misconception. To avoid obvious risks, you should unplug it as soon as it is fully charged.

Should Plug-In The Charger In The Correct Order

Although many people think that plugging the charger into the computer is okay, there are things to keep in mind! The order in which the charger is connected to the computer and the other end to the power source is pretty important. According to many tips from experts, users should plug the powerhead into the electrical outlet first and then plug the charger into the computer.


Above is information about the causes and solutions of laptop battery expanding problems. Having enough of this knowledge is very important to help you understand how to use the power supplier properly, as well as to avoid damage risk for your device. Let’s write down all of the important notes on how to avoid this issue we’ve mentioned above!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!

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