MacBook Pro Swollen Battery: What’s That? How To Solve?

The problem could start from something minor, such as your trackpad no longer clicking, your MacBook no longer sitting flush on the table, or it could be something more apparent – the notebook casing begins to warp and expand like a sack of microwave popcorn.

In any case, you’re confronted with the disaster from new tech – a MacBook Pro swollen battery. While this might appear to be a fun glitch, it is ultimately quite deadly. Lithium-ion batteries are flammable, but they’re ubiquitous in today’s technology.

We’ll show you how to treat your MacBook Pro in this article safely! Scroll down to learn now!

MacBook Pro Swollen Battery

What Causes the MacBook Pro Swollen Battery?

The swelling of lithium-ion batteries can be a result of numerous factors. This section will list the most typical causes, including:

  1. One of the most common reasons is a power source overcharge, which results in a chemical reaction between the electrolyte and the electrodes. As a result, this releases heat and gases into the battery, forcing the case to enlarge or possibly break open.
  2. In addition, the manufacturer’s flaw might potentially cause swelling. Mechanical stress to the cell, such as hitting a concrete floor and puncturing the shell, along with exposure to extremely high temperatures, can induce this reaction.
  3. Severe depletion of the cells can make lithium-ion batteries bulge, however, as these packs are normally controlled by circuitry (also known as a power source management system or BMS) that keeps this from occurring.

In any case, whatever the fundamental reason for the expansion is, what happens inside your power source pack is that there is too much current in one of its cells. “There are strict limits on how much current can be put through a lithium-ion cell,” according to an article in Electronics Weekly by Don Sadoway, professor of materials chemistry at MIT.

This implies that a power source pack might fail, and when it does, the consequences can be disastrous.

How to Prevent MacBook Swollen Batteries?

There are a few steps you may do to reduce the likelihood of an electrical problem. As there is the chance of a factory problem, you can’t totally remove the risk. Yet, user maltreatment of the electricity source seems to be the most prevalent cause.

These tips will not only help prevent bloating issues but will also assist you in getting the most out of your device!

How to Prevent MacBook Swollen Batteries

  1. Don’t forget to unplug your device from time to time. This is especially true for laptop users who use their computers primarily at home. The item is always hooked into the wall, preventing the power source from being used to its full potential. CoconutBattery, a free Mac app, can help you remember when it’s time to remove your power line and allow it to complete a drain and recharge cycle. 
  2. Maintain a cold, dry environment for your power source. It’s okay to use your MacBook Pro under the sunlight occasionally, but don’t leave it in a hot car or in a moist climate.
  3. If the batteries are worn out or broken, change them. Batteries are consumable items, and their efficiency is expected to deteriorate over time. So, if your battery is no longer supporting a charge or has been harmed by a drop or collision, be prepared to replace that before it fails completely.
  4. Purchase a new MacBook Pro power source from a trustworthy supplier. It is usually preferable to get a replacement from Apple rather than the lowest comparable alternative from a third party.

What to Do If Your MacBook Pro Battery Is Swollen?

With the laptop battery expanding, the first thing you should do is proceed with caution. Puncturing the device in any condition is extremely dangerous, but bloated batteries are more sensitive because their shell is already under pressure from the trapped gases inside. To summarize, any gadget with a potential bloated power should be handled with caution.

If your gadget has a user-removable power source, gently remove it. It’s worth noting that its bulging shell may make extraction challenging. If you have any difficulty taking that part, pause and follow the instructions below for devices with non-user-removable batteries.

MacBook Pro Battery

Do not throw the device out in the garbage or anywhere else. The health of garbage collectors who come in contact with the batteries, and even the environment, could be badly harmed!

Instead, always put them at a certified battery disposal site, whether they are bloated or not.

Many tech support shops have the tools and processes in place to handle swelling batteries safely. With your Apple MacBook Pro, we recommend taking it to an Apple Store.

Never connect your device to electricity or use it until the bloated part is replaced. If you don’t handle swollen batteries properly, they can explode. Therefore you don’t want to do anything that would hurry this terrible event.

Above all, stay safe! Do not attempt to break; leave it in a hot car or in an area where it can be picked up by pets or children. With a bloated battery, your laptop will most likely continue working, at least for a short time.

Ignoring the issue and trying to use it, on the other hand, will only raise the chance of an explosion or puncture, which might result in serious injury. Apparently, battery leakage and explosions are uncommon, but you wouldn’t want to take any chances.

swelling batteries

If Your Battery Starts Smoking, What Should You Do?

A bloated power pack may begin to smoke or possibly burst into flames in what is known as a “battery incident.” You might hear a “hissing” sound even though there are no apparent traces of fire. If you ever find yourself in a scenario like this, you must know what to do:

NEVER utilize water to extinguish the device since this will release extra hydrogen, making it more flammable. To put out the flames or keep the problem under control, soak it in sand or even kitty litter. It’s best to use a Class B extinguisher, but if you don’t own one on hand, sand or trash can suffice.

If the cell is smoking and emitting gas, it’s a great idea to boost air in the area by opening windows while assuring nothing else catches fire.

battery incident

Wrapping Up

To summarize, MacBook Pro cells are dangerous items that must be maintained, managed, and disposed of with caution. If the MacBook Pro battery expands, burns, or explodes, take it outside, keep it in a fireproof box, and see an Apple Expert AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for replacement and additional examination. MacBook Pro batteries, meanwhile, can cause environmental problems if discarded in local landfills!

Batteries should never be messed with unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing, as they often include explosive chemicals that can cause significant injury. If you have any further queries, please feel free to comment below with your ideas about the MacBook Pro swollen battery.

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