Effective Tips On How To Screenshot On Samsung Laptop

The excellent hardware and incredible multi-touch panels are two key factors making people worldwide love Samsung laptops.

Many latest-released Samsung laptop customers may have difficulty taking a screenshot on the laptop. If you want to know how to screenshot on Samsung laptop, read these guidelines and complete all the procedures outlined below.

  • Using the “PrintScreen” key on a laptop running Win10
  • Using Snipping tool
  • Using game bar

The article will provide detailed information for the above steps.

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How To Screenshot On Samsung Laptop?

Taking a picture of the laptop screen is not as hard as you think, as long as you read this article. We have compiled three methods that are 100% effective on your Samsung computers.

For Samsung Laptop Running Win10

It is not as hard as you think

It is not as hard as you think

Taking screenshots or a tiny portion of the screen in your Samsung laptop is a very straightforward process with Windows 10.

You can press the ‘PrintScreen’ button, which is usually near the Function buttons on the top section of the laptop keyboard. It is the simplest way to save a screenshot on a Samsung laptop. 

Several Samsung computers on the market only allow users to activate the PrintScreen key by pressing the function key. To use it, hold down the function button and then tap the PrintScreen key.

  • The initial step for users to capture a screenshot is pressing the PrtScn key. The system will copy the full screen to the clipboard due to this.
  • The screenshot can be pasted into Microsoft Word or Paint to view the image. 
  • Simultaneously hold the PrtScn and Alt keys to copy the active laptop window to the folder, which may be copied into other apps.
  • Press the Shift, Windows, and S keys simultaneously in your Samsung laptop.
  • The Samsung computer screen will darken, and the mouse cursor on the screen will shift. Users have to crop and drag the screen area they wish to capture as screenshots.
  • The clipboard copy will appear when you have captured the desired region. Users will eventually be able to save the screenshot using other apps.
  • Users can tap the PrtSc key and the Windows button simultaneously, and the whole screen will become a .gif file. Users will find these photographs under a subdirectory named Screenshots in the folder.

Using Snipping Tool

Using Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is a helpful app on Windows OS

This app is a more complex technique of capturing a screenshot, and users who use this app can perform a lot of editing with the picture. All Win10 OSs come with the Snipping Tool inbuilt, and Microsoft adds the ability to alter them.

Users will utilize the Snipping Tool software to take snapshots and save them without using another program such as Microsoft Word or Paint. When capturing many screenshots simultaneously, this tool saves time and is very convenient.

We’ve outlined all the procedures required to snap a screenshot on the Samsung computer using the Snipping Tool.

  • First, you need to launch the Snipping Tool program. The utility will be accessible through the Windows OS’s Start Menu.
  • Users may also use the search box located at the bottom of the screen to look for the software.
  • After launching the Snipping Tool software, users must go to the ‘Mode’ tab and choose the dropdown. This way will assist users in determining the type of snapshot they wish to take.
  • Window Snip, Full-screen Snip, Free-form Snip, and Rectangular Snip are the most common alternatives. Before you take a screenshot, ensure you select the appropriate mode.
  • Go to the system’s click different options, and the display will freeze instantly. Users must then use the mouse to pick the screen section they wish to capture.
  • If people want a snapshot of the whole screen, they must pick the entire page. Users can see the picture in the window of Snipping Tool after the cropping procedure is complete.
  • Users may utilize the wait menu to define how long they have to wait while taking a screenshot to include things displayed after moving the mouse.
  • This Snipping Tool application also assists users in taking screenshots and then annotating them using drawing tools.
  • When users have finished modifying the snapshot, they can save it by going to the File menu on the upper left-hand side of the software and selecting Save As. It will assist you in keeping the altered screenshot on your Samsung laptop.
  • The copy key may also appear in the Snipping Tool interface. The screenshot may be copied to the clipboard using the copy button.

Using Game Bar

You can use any software to capture the screen 

You can use any software to capture the screen 

The Game Bar is a user-friendly overlay that anyone may use. Most Windows users will use this app to capture a video or snap a game picture.

We’ve outlined all of the procedures customers will need to perform to snap a screenshot with Game Bar.

  • The initial step for customers is to launch any game they choose from Samsung’s Start menu and then navigate to the Xbox Console software.
  • Users may just hit the Windows and the G buttons simultaneously while playing. On display, the Game Bar interface will show.
  • A snapshot of the gameplay will be captured whenever they click upon that. Users may also snap a screenshot by pressing the Alt, Windows, and PrtScn simultaneously.
  • The snapshot will automatically appear in the laptop’s folder, inside the Captures subdirectory.
  • Snapping a snapshot is highly beneficial when customers utilize the Steam platform to play games. Users may capture a screenshot by using the F11 key on Steam, which will store it in the Steam file.

People do this to save essential data

People do this to save essential data

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, we need to snap screenshots to retain data or save specific successes. This post is especially for those who want to know how to screenshot on Samsung laptop. All of the methods discussed in this post are 100% effective.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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