An Ultimate Guide On How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max

Today, you don’t need to adjust the brightness level of your laptop screen anymore regularly. Manufacturers have integrated into the machine sensors that allow them to detect the environment’s light and change the brightness to suit. 

Although there are many benefits, this function will become useless in some cases, and you will have to adjust it yourself manually. So what if we need to change the brightness above the maximum?

LaptopBatteryOne will help you find the answer to how to make laptop screen brighter than max. Let’s get right into the details!

When To Increase The Brightness Than Max?

When To Increase The Bright Level Than Max

When To Increase The Bright Level Than Max?

Adjusting the screen brightness to the maximum level in normal room lighting conditions has made most of us feel uncomfortable. Because the lights are usually not too bright while the laptop is too bright, glare will occur.

However, if you are an engineer, architect, or do jobs that often have to use laptops outdoors, controlling excess brightness is essential.

The light from the sun is much stronger than the house lights, and the laptop screen is brighter. Therefore, we have to increase the laptop screen brightness relatively high to observe the details on the screen clearly.

In addition, people with eye or cognitive problems or diseases will also need to work with a laptop screen brighter.


Does Increasing The Max Brightness Have Any Negative Effects?

Maintaining high brightness for a long time has a huge impact on the laptop’s power problem. In other words, the battery in the device will decrease at an alarming rate if we keep the light displayed at too high a level.

In addition, the device also tends to heat up quite quickly if you often work with a laptop screen brighter than max that is too bright.

Of course, letting components like screens operate at high intensity for a long time also negatively affects durability.

Not only is it a problem with machines, but even your health will deteriorate if you have to be exposed to a lot of intense light sources regularly.

Except for some people with specific diseases, most of us should avoid working with a too bright laptop screen to protect our eyes. Besides, too bright light also brings some nervous system problems such as dizziness.

Adjust Brightness By Physical Button

Before we learn how to bypass the device’s brightness limit, we need to understand how to change the brightness level in the usual way first. 

Usually, there will be 2 methods for us to adjust: using physical buttons or using commands on the System’s interface. 

With changing the display brightness with the button, we will not need to manipulate as much as when using the interface.

With Windows computers

Adjust the brightness level in Window laptop

Adjust the brightness level in Window laptop

Manufacturers often integrate changing the brightness of the light on the laptop screen brighter than max into the row of function buttons on the laptop keyboard. 

  • Depending on the brand, the adjustment key will be located from F1 to F12.
  • If you can’t remember, don’t worry too much because the keys that play this role will come with an icon to identify quickly.
  • With some devices, you can directly press the key to change the display brightness, but some other laptop models require us to press a key combination to adjust.

It will be the Fn key combination plus the key with its symbol, and some machines take advantage of the Windows key for this task in display page.

With Mac machine

Not too different from laptops using the Windows operating system, devices running macOS also use the function key system to change the brightness level.

  • More specifically, you will use F1 to make the screen darker and F2 to make the screen brighter than max.
  • However, we will need to press the Shift + Option key combination with F1 or F2 to change.

Adjust Brightness By Software

Besides using physical buttons, we can also use control buttons on the operating System’s interface. Although the operation steps can be a bit complicated, the adjustment ability of this method will be much higher than pressing the physical button.

With Windows computers

There are many different methods for us to change the brightness level on Windows computers. Depending on the version you are using, there will be other ways to adjust the screen to become brighter or darker, especially with HP laptop screen.

  • Laptop models using Windows 7: First, you need to find the “Control Panel” icon on the desktop or the Start menu.
    Next, select the multiple Displays section and then observe in the left corner. There will be an Adjust bright level section. When you click this, options that allow you to change the lighting will appear.
  • Laptop models using Windows 10: To quickly change the screen’s brightness level, you can use the Windows + A key combination to open the Action Center quickly.

Here, the options that allow us to adjust the operation of the machine, including the light, will appear for you to manipulate comfortably.

Another method is to access the operating System’s settings function. There are two fastest ways for you to reach advanced display settings.

  • The first way is to use the Windows + X key combination and then select Settings.
  • The second way is to determine the Windows icon and click on the gear icon to open the Setting interface.

At the settings screen, select System in turn and then select the display calibration tag on the right. In this section, screen-related functions, including bright level adjustment, are present.

With computers using macOS

Bright features in Macbook 

Bright features in Macbook 

With laptops using MacOS, we don’t have too many options to access the bright level change feature like in the Windows operating system.

  • To get started, we’ll need to open the Apple menu and navigate to System Preferences.
  • Here you continue to click on the screen icon with the words calibrate Display below. Then a dialog box will pop up for us to adjust, but remember to turn off Automatically Adjust Brightness mode so that the control panel bar can appear.

How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max

How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max 

How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max 

If the above methods still haven’t adjusted the brightness to the desired level, perhaps the following techniques will help us.

Using external software

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get around the brightness limit set by the manufacturer is to use external software.

With some specialized tools for lighting or applications from the display calibration manufacturer, you can access a variety of customizations. One of the options available is to make the laptop screen brighter.

But unlike the usual settings, the settings in these applications will provide additional features to change the balance, tone, or contrast.

And it is these options that will combine with the essential bright level change function of the machine to increase the amount of light on the computer screen.

Use the available features

Although not providing as many options as third-party software, operating systems such as Windows or macOS have tools available to adjust parameters to make laptop screen brighter.

With computers using Windows

  • You will need to find the Settings section in the ways mentioned above.
  • Then in the Display section, scroll down to the bottom and select Advanced display settings. In this window, we select Display adapter properties for Display 1 and then Color Management.
  • Next, a new window will appear, and our task is to go to the Advanced tab to access Calibrate Display, a feature that allows more detailed screen brightness control.

With computers using macOS

  • The operation will be much simpler when you need to open the Apple menu and select the icon with the words Accessibility below.
  • Here the screen brightness slider and color support features will appear for you to manipulate. 

What To Do If The Brightness Cannot Be Adjusted?

If the brightness cannot be adjusted, you will need to check and do the following actions.

Plugin the device or fully charge the battery

If the device has too little battery left or is running in power-saving mode, it is difficult to adjust the brightness level to a high level, let alone other options.

So, you’ll need to plug it in or fully charge the battery to prevent the device from going into low-power modes.

Check your monitor’s driver

Drivers play a vital role in managing the operation of components in general and screens in particular. So if you can’t adjust the screen brightness, there is a very high chance that the driver has encountered something. The best method to solve this situation is to remove the driver as well as reinstall it.

If you are already on the latest driver, you can consider reverting to an earlier version to get the most stable performance.

Restore factory settings

If you have tried many methods and still have no success, you should restore to factory settings to quickly solve software-related problems.

Why Does The Laptop Dim Itself Even After Adjusting The Brightness?

There are two common causes for the brightness to automatically return to the original level even though we have adjusted. 

The first is the lack of power; most laptop models today will automatically reduce the screen brightness and reduce performance if it detects a low battery. So plug in the charger if you want the screen to stay adequately lit.

The second reason is that you have not disabled the automatic setting of the screen brightness level or adaptive lighting. Depending on the operating system, there will be a different way to turn it on and off.

Check out how to fix this fault on the video below:


The above is all the necessary information on how to make the laptop screen brighter than max for you to adjust the laptop screen’s brightness to more than available. Hopefully, the amount of knowledge in the article will be helpful to you while using the laptop. 

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