Can I Charge My Lenovo Laptop With USB-C?

If you own a laptop and use it regularly, charging is daily. However, in some cases, you don’t have the charger. It could be when you are going out or on the go and forget to bring them.

Can I charge my Lenovo laptop with USB-C? The answer is yes! Lenovo laptop versions have a USB-C port. So, if your power bank also contains this port, charging the laptop will no longer be a problem.

Of course, the speed may slow down compared to dedicated charging.

The article will provide more detailed information on this topic. Let’s see!

How To Charge Lenovo Version Without A Charger? 



You can do this even when you don’t get a charger.

If you learn about this method, we will give you some steps to fully charge your Lenovo laptop battery.

  • A non-standard charger: As mentioned above, they can be power banks or portable chargers. You can easily find them at stores that sell electronic components or repair them at a reasonable price.
  • Make a charge: These tools work effectively and need enough capacity for at least one direction. After you buy them or before each time you take them out, you should fully charge them.
  • Connection: You need to plug your product with this charger through the power cord and ensure it is safe.
  • Wait: At this point, the charger will do its job. You will need to wait until the device is complete or the capacity you want.

At the same time, you need to make sure that they can be used well for a while after charging to avoid letting them run out of energy.

Can I Charge My Lenovo Laptop With USB-C?



The answer is that you can use USB-C to charge Lenovo laptops.

Yet, you need to check the compatibility between your device and this tool. See if your product has a connection port. The symbols are usually in small letters.

Note that your port is vital. You can’t connect if they only have Type-A ports.

If it has this part, you can do the job. Furthermore, it would help if you had a Power Delivery charger that supports it. The steps are as follows:

  • USB-C chargers: You can buy them and make sure the voltage is compatible with the device. If it is lower, the charging time will be longer than usual.
  • Perform charging: Connect the charger to the device via the lead
  • Wait and finish: You should wait until the Laptop is fully charged and finish by disconnecting the charger.

For details, check out this video:

How To Charge The Computer With A Phone Charger?

This task is entirely possible to perform. However, there are a few caveats for you about ports and chargers.

It would help if you had a USB- Type C to connect to any smartphone currently on the market. It can be from Huawei, Samsung, and a connection port from your Lenovo Laptop side.

The connection and charging implementation will be the same as for USB-C.

Can I Use A Phone USB For My Lenovo Laptop?

USB-C Phone

USB-C Phone

Yes, you can! Similar to the tools above, this task requires a Type-C charger and connection port on the laptop side. This compatibility will determine your operation.

However, the adequate time of this tool may be longer than that of conventional and specialized battery chargers. The reason is that its voltage is lower than that of a laptop.

You should only use them if you can not find any alternative tools.

Other Methods

One of the other methods is to make full use of the universal computer charger.

They will have an AC adapter to match your equipment. At the same time, they will also change to be compatible with the different needs you want.

This device is perfect and easy to carry and use for many different computer lines. Moreover, if you have a lot of devices, they are handy for your work.


For more clarification on this topic, you can check out some of the frequently asked questions below, which might be helpful for newbies!

How long can the Lenovo battery last?

The maximum usage time of many Lenovo laptops is 10 hours if they are fully charged. Yet, this quality and index will also decrease after a long use time. Battery life can be up to 2-4 years, depending on how you use and take care of them.

How can you fix a broken charger?

If the charger doesn’t work or isn’t working correctly, you can fix it by checking the power input, whether the switches are on or off, and the wiring.

In particular, you should not connect the power supply if the wires have problems because they can cause fire and explosion. If the charger damages, you need to replace it with a new one.

What does a Type-C connector look like?

A Type-C connector has the same design as the micro connector. However, it has an oval shape and greater thickness. Because of this feature, it has a better sliding feature than other tools. 

This product has no up or down direction. You need to connect and use them properly. Thus, it helps them work efficiently and increases the time of use.

Can all Type-C cables charge?

The answer is no. The cables do not implement the same kind of protocol. Moreover, the transmission speed is also different.

Akitio Thunderbolt 3 cable for Thunderbolt 3 cable supports 40Gbps, and the Type-C connector is for USB. The recommended Gbps count is 10 Gbps or a Thunderbolt cable for USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices.


The article provides information and tools for you to charge your Lenovo laptop battery. We hope that you can flexibly use them to suit your purposes.

Use them scientifically and effectively so that your Laptop is always in the best condition and has the most extended life. Thank you for reading!

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