Can You Replace A Laptop Battery? Step-By-Step Guidelines

Your laptop battery does not appear to last indefinitely. You may have seen that you charge it for hours to have it running out of its capacity in a short time.

It is because its capacity diminishes with time and will no longer be as strong as it once was. So, if you are wondering, can you replace a laptop battery? Yes, it is possible to change the battery.

The article will analyze this topic in detail so that you have the right answer.

Let’s get into the details!

Can You Replace A Laptop Battery?

Power unit replacement

Power unit replacement

Absolutely! You can replace a laptop battery. The batteries in your computers will ultimately die whether you treat them well or not.

The death of batteries might appear unexpected. When its capacity drops to dangerously low levels, Windows will alert you, but you may also monitor it yourself.

If you have already determined, it’s time to do so. The sections below will show you details about the replacement process.

When Do You Need To Replace Your Laptop Battery? 

Windows will not keep you informed about the power unit’s capacity. As you’re using it and it deteriorates, you will find that the laptop’s battery life decreases.

When it reaches a certain capacity level, Windows will provide a warning. When you hit the regular battery symbol in your settings menu, you will see a red X emerge, and Windows tells you that you must “consider changing your batteries.”

Windows also warn that an issue with your power might force the computer to shut down unexpectedly. When your laptop isn’t connected to the electric source, your battery cannot store sufficient charge to keep it running for long.

How To Replace A Laptop Battery? 

You can rely on the instructions in this video or the following steps to better understand how to do so.

Get A New Battery For The Laptop

Please check the model and company before purchasing

Please check the model and company before purchasing

Before you even consider turning on your laptop and beginning this procedure, you must first purchase new batteries. 

Customer service staff can assist you with this, but you may also determine the model and brand of the computer to prevent buying the incorrect new battery.

Before searching online for replacement batteries, find out your serial number and which manufacturer made your computer. While you’re searching, try if you can readily discover the power unit serial and model number.

You have a handful of options:

  • To discover suitable replacement batteries, use the rechargeable batteries finder tool.
  • If you want to replace the power unit in an older laptop, look for it on a third-party site.

The prices vary based on the age of your laptop. If you are looking for new batteries for older computers, you may find it much more challenging and expensive. 

Ensure you compare the price of a new computer to the cost of power unit replacement.

Make A Power Report

Laptop power setting control panel

Laptop power setting control panel

It would be best to understand how the battery operates before replacing it with a new one. With the power report, Windows has taken this simple. The following is how you may create the information:

  • To open the Command Prompt, select the lower-left side of the display and type “powercfg/batteryreport” followed by “Enter.”
  • The system will save a report about the condition of the power unit. To retrieve and check the information, go to the Users folder.

The report gives a summary of the last performance as well as its previous three charging phases.

To decide whether it’s worth changing the batteries, compare the Full Charge Capacity or the Design Capacity. If there’s a significant difference between these data, it is likely time for a replacement.

Disconnect The Power Supply

Although it is the most straightforward stage in the procedure, it is worth repeating. You’ll want to ensure you’ve unplugged your computer from the power supply to shut it down totally. If you don’t, you’ll be in grave danger of suffering an electric shock.

Remove The Back Panel

Back panel open

Back panel open

Any replacement on most laptops necessitates the removal of the back panel. 

It may need the purchase of a Phillips-head #0 screwdriver unless you have a computer opening tool kit; both are affordable and may make the procedure of replacing batteries much more straightforward.

You may have to remove some silicone feet on the back of the device before you can reach its power unit, but this step will depend on your laptop model.

Pry off the rubber with an opening tool, which enables you to separate the screws that keep the whole thing of your computer together.

Replace the back cover by loosening the screws using a Phillips screwdriver. This step may necessitate using the plastic tool again to remove the edges. 

Starting in a corner and slowly dislodging the panel is typically more straightforward, but be cautious not to damage the components within.

Take The Old Battery Out

Unscrew these screws that keep your battery in position within the computer’s body using your Phillips screwdriver. After loosening it, you’ll need to unplug the wire that connects it with your system.

Be careful since these pieces are fragile, and if you break them, you may create future difficulties. 

Also, check to ensure your device’s power unit is completely removed. Remove the replacement one from the container and inspect it for any plastic. 

Double-check that it is the right one for your smartphone to avoid compatibility difficulties. Put the battery on your device and check that it is correctly aligned.

Insert The New One Into Your Laptop

You may now begin the procedure of attaching the replacement battery. Repeat the guidelines you just did to get your laptop back up and running after installing the new one.

  • Carefully attach the computer wire to the new battery.
  • Replace your device’s battery by screwing it back into place.
  • Ensure it is securely fastened, but not overly so, since this may cause harm to some parts.

Replace The Back Panel

Check to see if your new unit works well

Check to see if your new unit works well

Line align the back panel with the rest of the computer before replacing it with your screwdriver. 

Again, you will want to avoid making things too loose or too tight since both can cause harm to your device.

If the computer has rubber footings on the bottom, you should replace them.

Confirm With A Power Report

Connect your device to a source of power after everything has been aligned and reassembled. After a few minutes of charging, please turn it on to ensure everything works correctly.

Whether your device seems to be in good operating order, run another report to check the design capacity and if everything appears to be in order. You are ready to use it again if it works with good power capacity!


Final Thoughts

So, can you replace a laptop battery after reading this article? It may appear to be challenging if you have never done it before. But now you can be confident to do it yourself. Thank you for your interest in the article!

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