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7 Laptop Battery Secrets You Should Know!

Quality Aftermarket OEM Laptop Batteries

Quality Aftermarket Laptop Batteries Can Save You Money

At Laptop Battery One, we provide our customers with replacement laptop batteries that meet or exceed OEM specifications - at a fraction of the prices that you might expect. We manufacture world class aftermarket OEM batteries powered by genuine Samsung, LG, and Texas Instruments components to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality laptop batteries at the lowest price possible.

Secret #1: Laptop Battery Buyer Beware

Buying Your Replacement Laptop Battery from a U.S. Company Ensures Your Continued Protection and Satisfaction

There are many laptop battery manufacturers who advertise extremely low prices for replacement laptop batteries over the Internet, Amazon and Ebay. Many of these low-price companies are based overseas, and are not subject to the same safety requirements and manufacturing standards as an American company would be.

In order to provide lower prices, these companies often:

  • Use substandard components
  • Practice random or inexact safety testing procedures
  • Have no customer service representatives available in the US
  • Make returns and exchanges difficult for their customers
  • The latest fraud practices coming out of  China is marking the battery with fake higher capacities (mAh) than they really are. If you see prices in the mid teens or much lower in prices with capacities like 5200 or higher beware.  These sellers are providing fake capacities and substandard products.

Unfortunately, many customers do not discover that their battery manufacturer is based overseas until they have had their replacement battery for 6 months or longer, and have no recourse with the online merchant that the purchase was originally made with. This can pose a problem for a customer who discovers that they need to ship a faulty battery overseas - and that the shipping charges are far greater than the value of the battery!

When you are evaluating potential vendors for your replacement laptop battery, you should know:

  • That you can reach a live company representative in the event that you have questions about your order or after-sale questions.
  • Where returns and exchanges are handled (i.e. U.S offices, or overseas). This information is well hidden from consumers through various tricks by providing just either an email address or a US fax number as their contact for a warranty exchange.
  • The grade of the cells and other components in the battery.
  • The details of the warranty/guarantee coverage.
  • The liability coverage in an event of a faulty or defective battery.

Secret #2: You Pay Extra for Branding and Labeling in Laptop Batteries

Even the Leading Name Brand Laptop Batteries Are Manufactured Using Components From Third Parties.

Consumers often view OEM laptop batteries from brands such as Apple, Dell, Toshiba, HP, and others as being superior simply because of the name-brand. The truth is that name brand laptop batteries are manufactured using various components from other companies. Samsung, LG, and Texas Instruments are world renowned for the quality, safety, and lifespan of their battery components and are used in the assembly of most laptop batteries.

What this means for consumers is that they are able to purchase the same world class laptop batteries (containing all of the same components) as an aftermarket OEM product at a fraction of the price that they would pay for a name brand battery - with no difference in the quality of the battery itself.

Secret #3: Laptop Battery Components Determine Battery Performance

Quality Components Make for World Class Batteries

Laptop batteries are comprised of three main components:

  • Battery Cells
  • Circuit Board
  • Battery Casing

The quality and safety specifications in each of these parts will determine the overall quality, lifespan, and performance of your replacement laptop battery.

Laptop Battery Cells

The most expensive component in laptop batteries is the battery cell. Cells are categorized by grade and fall into either "A", "B", or "C" grades. These grades should help give you an idea of the durability and performance of the battery cells. A "Grade A" battery cell of reputable manufacture (such as Samsung or LG) will generally last longer and have higher performance than a "Grade B" battery cell.

There are three main categories of battery cells on the market today:

  • Name Brand Cells (Grade A): There are several reputable battery cell manufacturers who have set the standard for battery cells for many years. Samsung, LG, and Sanyo have a proven track record for both performance and safety, and cells from these manufacturers are found in most major OEM laptop batteries from name brand companies such as Apple, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba, HP, IBM, and others. Name brand laptop computer companies purchase their battery cells from these manufacturers - as does Laptop Battery One.
  • Generic/China-Made Cells (Grade A): These generic "Grade A" cells are relatively new to the market. Although they are of a higher quality than the lower grade generic cells (see below), there is not sufficient data available yet as to their performance and safety.
  • Generic/China-Made Cells (Grades B and C): These cells are manufactured with price in mind only. They are made from the lowest quality materials and components, and generally have extremely poor run time, performance, and life expectancy. These cells are frequently not thoroughly safety tested, and can cause damage to laptop computers and/or fires under certain conditions.


Circuit Boards

Laptop batteries contain a small circuit board which acts as the "brain" of the battery. These circuit boards regulate the charging and distribution of power to the cells and should be made to prevent overcharging and/or burning. Texas Instruments' battery circuit boards are recognized as the industry standard because of their quality and safety features.


The battery casing of your laptop battery also contributes to the effectiveness of your replacement battery. While many manufacturers purchase battery casings from third parties who have inexact specifications for each model of laptop, our manufacturing operation utilizes the actual molds from name brand laptop batteries to produce replacement laptop batteries that are guaranteed to fit your laptop computer properly.

Inside Battery

Secret #4: Battery Life Expectancy Varies

High Quality Components Lead to Longer Lasting Batteries.

Life expectancy for any laptop battery can vary with usage, but top quality laptop batteries assembled using quality components and manufactured with performance in mind can have a significantly longer lifespan than batteries manufactured solely with low pricing in mind.

In general, a laptop battery will provide between 400-800 life cycles depending on usage and battery quality. Lower quality or poorly manufactured batteries will provide fewer cycles, and a shorter overall lifespan.

  • Highest Quality Batteries (Grade A Cells) - 12-18 months
  • Medium Quality Batteries (Grade B Cells) - 10-15 months
  • Low Quality Batteries (Grade C Cells) - 5-10 months

Laptop Battery One ensures that our world class batteries will perform as well or better than name brand OEM batteries, and will provide you with the longest lifespan and highest performance possible at the lowest prices anywhere.

Secret #5: Laptop Battery Assembly & Testing Procedures Are Not All the Same

Stringent Quality and Safety Testing Are Important Factors in Your Battery Choice

Reputable laptop battery manufacturers perform regular and thorough Quality Assurance testing on each battery at different stages in the manufacturing process to ensure that both quality and safety standards are maintained. Often, manufacturers of less expensive laptop batteries do not adhere to these testing practices and provide batteries that are faulty and/or unsafe as finished products.

Secret #6: Warranty Coverage for Laptop Batteries

Be Sure That You Are Covered By a Comprehensive Warranty for Your Replacement Laptop Battery.

Depending on usage and care, laptop batteries may fail sooner than expected. For this reason it is important to be sure that you are covered by a comprehensive warranty. Because most batteries will not fail within the first several months, and will fall outside of the return/exchange window after this time period, it is important that you are protected with a warranty for at least one year after your purchase.You should always check to be sure of warranty coverage before purchasing a replacement laptop battery.

Secret #7: Battery Pricing vs. Quality

Knowing What to Look for In a Replacement Laptop Battery Will Help You Get the Best Value

Pricing for a specific replacement laptop battery can vary significantly depending on the qualities we have outlined above. Paying 2-3 times the price for a name brand or OEM laptop battery that contains exactly the same components as a quality manufactured after market OEM battery seems ludicrous, but you shouldn't settle for a substandard or unsafe battery in the process.

Take a look at the chart below for an average comparison between Laptop Battery One and the other leading manufacturers/resellers of replacement laptop batteries and you will find that we offer our customers an extended guarantee, more expansive return/exchange policy, and an industry leading warranty at an average savings of more than 50%.

Laptop notebook tablet batteries comparision chart

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