Why Is My Laptop Battery Draining So Fast? How To Extend The Battery Lifespan?

You had that battery fully charged at the start of the day. Unfortunately, your battery dies in the middle of the game. 

You now have a serious problem since you can’t be productive as usual. Then, you may ask: “Why is my laptop battery draining so fast?”

There are many reasons for this problem. The battery quality should be the first one. Moreover, you may have set some improper adjustments to the laptop. It works harder to run all of them, and then it gets exhausted.

LaptopBatteryOne will explain the causes of laptop batteries draining fast. Once you know the reasons, you can find the solutions immediately. 

Now, let’s read on to discover!

Why Is My Laptop Battery Draining Fast? 

Too many processes or software running at the same time on your computer is also the leading cause of your laptop’s rapid battery drain.

Nowadays, many default settings, applications, and programs may improve your laptop performance. However, they can also drain batteries unnecessarily.

Here are some key reasons you need to consider.

Screen brightness

The major reason for the laptop battery draining fast is the display’s brightness. You don’t need to have your laptop’s intelligence set too high when you’re using it indoors.

If you’re using your laptop outside or near a light source, though, you may increase the brightness to see more clearly.

You may be setting the brightness too high

You may be setting the brightness too high

Old or broken batteries

Batteries have a finite lifespan. Although they may often survive for years without issue, they will gradually provide less time after a single charge until becoming totally useless.

After roughly three years of use, batteries will show a notable decrease in their performance. You will notice that they are draining more quickly. 

There’s not much you can do to solve this problem except to change your batteries.  Also, you can run your machine without batteries by plugging it in all the time. 

Wrong power setting

Battery drains at a different rate depending on the power settings you choose. 

Right-click on the battery icon and select “Power Options“, you can examine and adjust your settings.

You can choose the “Balanced” mode to stabilize the battery usage and performance of your machine. 

Intensive operation

Some of the programs and software you use may result in the laptop battery draining fast. They may operate in the background without your awareness, and some may be active.

A video game is the most apparent example. Running the latest AAA game on maximum settings on your device may quickly deplete the laptop’s battery. Your gadget will demand more power to provide all of that eye pleasure.

Other examples are antivirus programs, photo software, and internet browsers. 

Your machine works too much

Your machine works too much

Keyboard backlight

A backlit keyboard’s main purpose is to make it easier to type in the dark. However, the laptop battery drains as a result.

If you’re using a computer with a keyboard backlight, you may not have considered turning it off. The backlit keyboard is not necessary for people who use their computers solely in the daytime or in a well-lit environment.

Consider turning the backlight off if you don’t need it to save the laptop’s battery. Otherwise, you will suffer from laptop battery draining fast.


It’s common to link some auxiliary devices to your computer. These can include extra storage disks, printers, and additional displays, among other things.

Even if you are not utilizing these connections, they will reduce the charge on your laptop.

You may link some auxiliary devices to your laptop

You may link some auxiliary devices to your laptop

Hard drive

A laptop’s hard drive adds to the device’s heat and strain. As a result, it will potentially harm the batteries.


It would help if you also thought about the temperature of the room you’re working in. Also, consider using the pillow as a working table or not. 

Your device is overheating as a result of being in a hot environment. Moreover, using the computer on a cushioned surface affects its capacity. 

An overheated power will cause problems even if the display is running at the lowest brightness. As a result, it leads to laptop battery draining fast. 

How To Prevent Laptop Battery Draining Fast? 

Your machine is new, but you still experience laptop battery draining quickly. In this case, you may enhance its functionality with a few easy modifications. 

We’ll also go through power-saving strategies that are straightforward to use yet result in extended laptop battery power.

Activate the battery saver mode

To provide us with a quality experience, your gadget should be able to operate in performance mode. 

Battery saver settings modify your computer by reducing screen brightness and restricting background activities. It extends the power capacity then.

If you want to achieve that kind of balance, tap on the Battery icon on the notification and slide to the “Best” side. 

To activate the battery saver mode at a specified percentage of the power left, take the following steps:

  • Press “Windows” + I to access the Settings.
  • Choose the battery option on the left.
  • Find the saver mode and activate it there.

There is also an option to run the saver mode automatically. You can customize your limit charged percentage. 

For example, if you set it at 50%, the server mode will optimize the power usage when your machine is 50% charged. 

Activate the saver mode 

Activate the saver mode 

Set the power plan

Setting a battery saver is insufficient to extend the battery life. You can adjust the power saver settings to enhance the performance. 

If you adjust the power settings to maximum performance, you’ll have problems with draining.

You need to open the “Control panel” and search for sound and power options.

Then, tick on the “Power saver” option to reduce your device’s performance. After that, the device will use less power to function.

Modify the screen brightness

In Windows 10 computers, the saver mode regulates the brightness automatically. However, there would be a problem if you want to use your computer at a greater brightness setting. 

As aforementioned, your machine works harder to supply enough light for your needs. If you set the brightness to intense, your device will be exhausted. 

Microsoft has included a system-wide night theme that significantly improves laptop battery power. Dark mode, though, lessens eye fatigue. 

You can get Darkener Software if you’re running a previous version of Windows.

Choose the appropriate brightness for the screen

Choose the appropriate brightness for the screen

Deactivate startup services

Some programs or services run automatically when you turn on your laptop. Although a few of them are beneficial, others are third-party programs. We may deactivate auto-starting applications in Android settings. 

To accomplish the same thing on Windows, here is what to do:

  • Launch “Task Manager”.
  • Choose the “startup” button, and you will see all the startup programs.
  • There are some programs enabled. You need to right-click on the undesired ones and choose “Disabled”.

Turn off the screen

The laptop screen consumes far too much energy. However, you can save battery life by automatically setting your device to sleep mode while not using it. 

This technique will not work if you continuously use your gadget the entire time.

To turn off the screen, you can:

  • Access the “Power & sleep” section in the Settings.
  • Set the time for the screen to turn off to about 5 minutes. If you choose a lower time, your screen will turn on and off more often, consuming more power. 

Set the time for the screen to turn off to about 5 minutes

Set the time for the screen to turn off to about 5 minutes

Disable hardware

If you rarely use a Bluetooth module, you may reduce battery life by cutting the Bluetooth hardware transmitter.

Besides, there are also some wired devices attached to the gamepad, keyboard, or mouse. After using them for a while, you need to remove them from your gadget.

If you’re solely using Windows Explorer that isn’t online, you may activate Airplane Mode. This mode will disable Bluetooth and WiFi connections. Hence, your computer doesn’t need to operate on the, saving some power. 

You need to some disable wired devices 

You need to disable wired devices 

Activate airplane mode

The flight mode can help extend your batteries. It automatically prevents your smartphone from accessing wireless transmitters. 

Furthermore, it can disable any apps that record your position data regularly.

Some laptops have a button on the keyboard that toggles between On and Off flight mode. 

You may also visit network settings by clicking the arrow in the lower right corner. To activate the flight mode, drag the slider to the right.

Turn on the airplane mode.

Turn on the airplane mode.

Stop unused background apps

Some programs start running in the background when you turn your laptop on. As soon as you switch on display, chat apps like Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp startup.

You’ll be amazed at how many programs are consuming the laptop battery life. To verify and deactivate these programs, go to Settings and look under privacy for background operations.

Make sure you don’t turn off all of them. Browse each program one by one and switch off those that aren’t affecting your laptop’s efficiency.

Choose an appropriate place

The heat may drain your device. So, make sure your working place is not too hot. 

Moreover, don’t put your laptop on the cushioned surface. This tip is simple to follow, but if you have no idea about it, you’ll ruin your device.

Give your laptop some rest

Although it may seem self-evident, most users keep their laptops running for much too long. The batteries continue to operate even when you turn off the display.

Your laptop, like any other mechanism, requires rest. Working nonstop for lengthy periods of time without taking a break is the most harmful thing that happens to your belongings. 

Giving your machine some rest can extend the battery life. It also gives your machine some time to recharge. 

However, resetting too often is also good. The laptop needs more power for each reboot process.

Shut off your gadget every night if you live in a hotter environment. On the other hand, you can use it for up to three days in chilly areas.

Your laptop needs some rest

Your laptop needs some rest

80-20 rule

If you don’t allow your laptop batteries to go below 20%, it will last considerably longer.

Charging it before the power percentage falls below 20% guarantees that you never waste any important data. Another essential tip to keep in mind is: never overcharge.

Many users leave their computers to charge overnight. However, overcharging warms up your batteries and shortens their lifespan.

To avoid the batteries from rapidly draining, unplug the socket as soon as it obtains full power.

Do not let the power percentage go too low

Do not let the power percentage go too low

Remove disc drives

Disc drives are available on certain laptops. Some drives can support both CD- and DVD-ROMs. Some contemporary computers are capable of reading Blu-ray discs.

Those disc drives might require more power than anything on your laptop. You should remove any CDs in your laptop to not have to use extra power to start these drives up.

It doesn’t mean that you have to avoid using a disc drive. When utilizing it, you can connect the charging station to your laptop. 

Although the drive is running, the procedure will provide you with a steady level of power. 

However, once you’ve finished operating the disc drive, you should disconnect it to save electricity.

Tips For Charging Laptop’s Battery  

One thing to think about is how you should charge the battery of your device. These procedures will assist you in charging the power bank so that the gadget continues to operate properly.

Don’t wait for batteries to drain and then charge 

Batteries have progressed to the point that you no longer need to utilize all of the electricity to charge them. After you’ve finished using the machine, you’ll need to charge it.

Don’t short the batteries

The connections of the batteries may short the charge. This mistake is a common way for people to deplete batteries. In certain circumstances, it might result in a fire. You have to avoid exhausting the batteries in this manner, causing laptop battery failure. 

Use laptops while charging

Using the computer during the charging process will not slow down its performance. If you care for the charging tool properly, it will last a long time.

Use batteries after fully charging

After fully charging, start using your machine right away. Leaving a fully loaded power inactive for an extended period might cause the batteries to degrade quicker than necessary. 

To prevent the power bank from running out of energy, you should keep it working. You can prevent your laptop battery’s capacity from failing to perform as it should.

The Bottom Line

The less work your machine does, the longer its battery will last. Yet, there are some things you can do to prolong the life of your batteries. For example, don’t utilize the screen saver and keep CPU and RAM consumption to a minimum.

Hopefully, all the tips above can help your laptop’s battery work better and longer. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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