Can You Use A Laptop Without The Battery? – A Detailed Answer

The laptop battery is breaking down, and you intend to remove it from your minicomputer. So, can you use a laptop without the battery? What should you do to maintain your device’s performance when it only runs on the AC power supply?  

Let’s dive into our article, and we provide all the information you need!

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How Does The Battery Work On The Laptop? 

The internal battery is the powerhouse of the notebook computer. Once you connect the minicomputer to the electricity source, the battery charges, stores the power, and delivers it to your device’s peripherals.

As long as the batteries contain abundant electricity, they enable your notebook computers to perform properly without connecting to the power source.

So, what features affect electrical consumption? Well, the electrical consumption of the portable device might vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the supplier, the usage of time, and the working temperature. 

Can You Use A Laptop Without The Battery? 

Yes, you can use the portable computer without this mechanical part though it is the powerhouse of your minicomputer. 

The reason is that all machines, regardless of the operating system, can operate on both alternating current (AC) power supply and battery easily.

The notebook computer always works well on the AC power supply, even if you remove the laptop’s socket pin. 

Yet, you must constantly plug your minicomputer into a power outlet while using it. If you accidentally unplug it, it will instantly shut down, and you will lose the unsaved data. 

Another downside when using a device without a power source is the lack of portability. In particular, you need to stay close to the supplier and connect your minicomputer to it all the time. 

Can You Use A Laptop Without The Battery

Despite the disadvantages, removing the power source is a good choice if it is dead and not charging properly. It is important that you know how to check laptop battery wear levels! This way, you can prevent potential damage when connecting the malfunctioning battery to the energy source. 

So, how to use a minicomputer without a pin? 

Firstly, take out the power source when the machine is turned off and unplugged. Then, you can use the AC adapter to supply energy for your minicomputer. 

A note here is always to use the original adapter provided by the manufacturer, as an inappropriate one can badly damage your machine and quickly reduce its lifespan!

Precautions When Using A Laptop Without The Battery Done 

What should you pay attention to when using the portable computer in this way? Here are the must-take precautions to ensure that your device will operate well without the powerhouse:

Use The Original Adapter

The first and the most important thing is to use the original AC adapter. Using the original adapter that came with your laptop helps reduce the negative effects of the electrical variations. 

If you lost the original adapter, it would be best to purchase the new one from the same manufacturer. 

Connect With UPS

An uninterrupted electrical supply is a key factor ensuring that your machine operates well without the electricity supplier.

An abrupt electrical cut can eliminate all the unsaved data and destroy your time and effort while working online. Moreover, a sudden change in the voltage of electricity might increase the electrical supply, harming the motherboard of your minicomputer.

For these reasons, connecting your device with UPS (also known as a battery backup) is a good option. A quality UPS provides emergency power to the electronic components of your portable computer and prevents it from being damaged by fluctuating electricity. 

Use A High-Quality Power Cord

Another tip to ensure your minicomputer works smoothly is choosing a great-quality power cord to connect the UPS and the notebook computer. 

A quality power cable might be a little bit hefty at first, yet it will save you lots of money and effort during the usage period. More specifically, the low-quality one has such a long lifespan, and it tends to melt and burn when the electric current in the wires is excessive. It cannot withstand overheating, which can cause short circuits and damage your minicomputer.

Keep in mind never remove the electrical cable directly to turn off your portable computer! Forcing it to shut down before ending the vital files of the software and hardware might cut down its life span. 

Use A High-Quality Power Cord

Keep The Charging Cable Intact

Without the pin, even a slight touch to the charging cable can cause a pause in the electricity flow. As a result, your device will shut down unexpectedly, leading to the loss of unsaved data.

Moreover, it might harm the internal components and decrease their performances, especially if the electrical appliance often turns off in a forceful way. 

Make sure that the charging cable stays connected while you are using the machine in this condition!

Does The Laptop Run Slower Without A Battery? 

The answer to this question might vary depending on your device. 

Some notebook computers will take more time to operate since the settings are set to decrease the CPU voltage when charged by the only AC adapter. Yet, you can customize these settings and bring back the normal working speed. 

For the other ones, their performance would run as usual even when they are plugged to direct AC and without the pin. However, always be aware of the potential risks that come with it!

Damage To The Motherboard

A motherboard, sometimes called a system board, is a component that generally receives an electric current when you start your device. It ensures that the other components get stable electric flow. 

The batteries help to store and balance the current to be stable before coming to the motherboard.

Without batteries, the AC adapter cannot stabilize the current. As a consequence, the motherboard might be badly damaged due to the abrupt electric flow. 

Damage To The Motherboard

Badly Affect The Inverter System

The inverter system, placed at the pin, adjusts the voltage getting into the notebook computer. When the pin is absent, the inverter system might not perform its voltage-regulating function, potentially harming the other components. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Is It Safe To Use A Laptop Without The Battery?

Yes, it is safe to remove the pin part and use the minicomputer with the AC adapter only. There is no risk of damaging the electrical components or the operating system as long as you connect your device to the electrical outlet using a proper charger.

When Should And Shouldn’t You Use A Laptop Without The Battery? 

If your batteries are breaking down or dead, removing them and using the devices plugged in is a good idea. This way, you can avoid potential problems. For instance, the dead pin becomes overheated when constantly connecting to the outlet, reducing the laptop’s efficiency. 

Use A Laptop Without The Battery

The biggest issue that you possibly face is that the device will instantly shut down anytime the electricity goes down. This results in the loss of precious data and potential damage to the other electrical components. 

If you are living in a place where the electrical cut happens quite often, running your devices on batteries will be a better option to avoid the risk of data loss and potential harm. 


Now you have figured the answer to your question – “Can you use a laptop without the battery?” along with several tips for your device to work well in this case!

Although your device can function perfectly fine in this situation, you should consider doing this when your batteries are malfunctioning or dying. Otherwise, the disadvantages might outweigh the advantages you receive.  

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