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Electronics Magnetic Project Mat with Wet Erasable Marker

Electronics Magnetic Project Mat with Wet Erasable Marker

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Electronics Magnetic Project Mat with Wet Erasable Marker

Product Features:

  • Sick of Losing Small Parts or Fasteners? Never Again with this Magnetic Project Mat
  • Keep Your Parts and Fasteners Organized while Repairing Your Electronic Devices
  • The Magnetic Back will Hold Your Parts Exactly Where You Leave Them
  • Leave Your Project Unattended or Move Work Areas Easily Without Misplacing any Parts or Fasteners with the Magnetic Grip for Quick and Easy Reassembly
  • Surface Lets You Take Notes with Wet Erasable Pen

Product Description:

This Magnetic Project Mat is designed to help during repair of various electronic devices. Keep all parts and fasteners organized while disassembly and reassembly of your electronic device. The magnetic board will hold the pieces in place, and the top layer lets you take notes with the wet erasable pen to help while putting the device back together. Feel comfortable leaving your disassembled device unattended or moving work areas because the individual pieces are held in place. Great for repairing smart phones, mobile, cell phones, tablets (Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung), laptops, computers, video game consoles (PSP, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, NDS), and RC Toys and more. Never lose a tiny part or fastener again with this magnetic project mat!!

Kit includes :

  • Magnetic Project Mat
  • Wet Erasable Pen
  • Dimension: 10 x 8 inches

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Color Black
Length 1
Width 1
Height 1
UPC Code 848505808130
Instructions And Manual For Installation No Instructions...

Customer Reviews

Versatile and incredibly convenient Review by Amir Patel
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This definitely has to be one of the most convenient things I've used to install and make stuff.
This "project mat" is more versatile and convenient than anything else. Functionally, it can be used for more than just installation or for its magnetism. The dry erase board is something that everyone can use for either teaching, studying, writing messages, etc. I have used this for almost all of those including as a mat to keep all the screws in piles together to make installing a bookshelf easier. The dry erase board is smooth, easy to write on and wipes off very quickly. It comes with a marker so that you can use it just as you get it and the wiping cloths are included as well. One erase marker and microfiber cloth are provided which are required to clean the board off. It does need the eraser to be wet since just wiping the board with a dry cloth does nothing but everything comes off clean and doesn't leave any black marks or smudges behind; it returns to a solid white board. You can literally wash this under a running tap with no issues. It is compact and small enough for that. (Posted on 5/5/2016)
Very pleased Review by Nick Owens
How do you rate this product?
I bought this magnetic work surface to work on with my wrist watches. I am learning how to take them apart and out them back together again. This board is perfect. I use the dry erase marker to mark off quadrants and find it so much simpler now. I am very pleased. (Posted on 4/13/2016)
Every one that works on small parts/engines needs one of these Review by K. Randell
How do you rate this product?
I wish I could shake the hand of whoever invented this. This is great for keeping track of the screws and bolts when working on phones. I had to put a new screen on mine, and this worked flawlessly. The pen is a bit hard to use when you have a lot of stuff on there, but other than that, I'm 100% satisfied with this. It's durability and studiness can't be beat...Five stars for me!!!!
(Posted on 2/25/2016)
one for work and another for the garage Review by Sally
How do you rate this product?
My husband has already asked me to by a few more. He loves it in the garage while trying to keep track of the small pieces to his projects. He wants one for work and another for the garage. (Posted on 12/17/2015)
Very cool gadget to have! Review by Tech Guy
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This is pretty cool! I have a lot of little pieces from parts of things that I am working on. This makes a great organizational tool for that. The pad is magnetic so you can put any metal object on it. I tested it out with paper clips, screws, and nails and they all worked. I thought that it might stick to the refrigerator, but it does not. It would be a cool feature to have. I have never heard of "wet erase" but love it. It is nice because it can not be erased by touching it, but can be erased by getting it wet and wiping away.
(Posted on 12/9/2015)

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