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Great Preparation and Good Strategy

I Beleive That People Make Their Own Luck by Great Preparation and Good Strategy.
-Jack Canfiled

Preparation is key. If disaster strikes - you'll be ready...assuming you take action now! It's not a question of "if" a disaster will happen, it's a
question of "when".

Most Americans will experience at a minimum one of the top 4 emergencies. Since we have that knowledge, what should we do about it? It's simple, PREPARE for it.Afterall there's nothing sexier than being prepared. It's that feeling just after your cars been washed, waxed, and shined - and the interior leaned to perfection. Now imagine adding some supplies and organizing them perfectly in the trunk of your car. Your adding POWERful supplies that give you a huge advantage to help yourself and others in times of trouble.

Your empowering yourself with the essentials- COMMUNICATION, MOBILITY, FIRST AID, AND FOOD. Now that's a POWERful preparation strategy. Is your ouse stocked with these supplies? Is your car stocked with these supplies? Let's go. Here's your checklist.

Great Preparation and Good Strategy
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