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Apple A1151 Battery 5600mAh

Apple A1151 Battery 5600mAh

SKU: LB-AP12-56-A1151

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Discover Why LaptopBatteryOne's Apple Batteries Will Keep Your Laptop Working for Years

Is your laptop's life span just not what it used to be? Laptop batteries are like other batteries - eventually and inevitably, gets used up. The average battery gets up to 500 charges or life cycles. Now, what you should do is invest in a high quality battery. You'll want to avoid cheap low quality replacement ones as they don't last and can potential cause a fire. LaptopBatteryOne's premium Apple batteries, for example, are some of the very best and provide long run-times. They contain the same reliable components as the original Apple batteries, often outperforming the original battery itself.

Fits Into Your Laptop With Absolute Ease
LB1 High Performance Apple A1151 batteries are designed to complement the fit and finish of your Mac notebook. Offering you compatibility with applicable OEM sleep, and power reduction modes. This battery will perform better and fit more snugly than anything else on the market.

Improves Battery Level Giving You Long-Term Power
Our battery is built for longevity. It's environmentally responsible and feature RoHS certification to be free of anything harmful including lead, mercury, cadmium, PBBs, and PBDE. We try to provide 100% customer satisfaction. That's why we offer a 60 day money back guarantee no questions ask policy, plus a 2-3 year extended warranty as options. We remove all risk in order to make our customers happy.

Quickly Makes Your Mac Feel Like New
When looking for a high performance longer lasting battery, you'll find LB1 High Performance Apple batteries were created to exceed expectations. What does this mean? It means you can now listen to more music, watch your favorite movies or tv shows, and get a lot of work done - all without having to worry about your laptop slowing down. And, to ensure your confidence, and satisfaction, these high quality batteries are backed by our hassle-free warranty and awesome 7 days a week live customer support.

The average battery life doesn't last that long. If you battery is only lasting less than half an hour, it's time to replace your battery. A fast depleting battery could very swiftly stop any moment leaving you without any mobile power. That's why you should maximize your performance and consider getting the LB1 High Performance Apple ones as soon as possible. Use it to keep your laptop battery working for many hours between charges.

Stop! Please be sure to get the right battery for your Apple Laptop!

This battery is compatible ONLY with Apple A1151 and the following Apple Model/Part Numbers and Mac Model ID Numbers listed below:

how to find mac model number

Compatible Models & Part Numbers:

MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA092
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA092CH/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA092J/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA092KH/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA092LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA092TA/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA092X/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611*/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611B/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611CH/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611*D/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611J/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611KH/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA611X/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA897*/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA897J/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA897LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MA897X/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MB166*/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MB166B/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MB166J/A
MacBook Pro 17 Non-Unibody MB166X/A

how to find mac model id number

Mac Model ID Number: N/A

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Our mission at Laptop One is to provide you with as much information possible to make the best decision for your needs. We've taken the time to do the research for you and have created a simple chart that outlines the important factors when buying a laptop. We've created the 7 Laptop Secrets manufacturers don't want you to know!

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Why LaptopBatteryOne's High Performance Replacement Apple Batteries?

  • Professional grade A cell batteries custom manufactured for high performance and longer life to exceed OEM specifications.
  • Every Apple A1151 replacement laptop battery is thoroughly safety tested and certified in our ISO 9001 factories RoHS certification to be free of lead, mercury, cadmium, PBBs, and PBDE.
  • The Exact Match System guarantees every Apple A1151 Professional replacement laptop battery to be 100% compatible and optimized for your OEM system.
  • Superior Design for True Fit and Finish.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Extended Run Time and Longer Life Battery.
  • Environmentally Responsible.
  • Comprehensive Guarantee.
  • Increased Power Regulation for Efficiency.

Backed by the Industry's Only

  • Fast Same Day Shipping.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  • $100K Equipment Protection Plan.
  • 60-Day Money Guarantee No Questions Ask!
Order Your Apple Replacement Battery Today!

Additional Information

SKU LB-AP12-56-A1151
Weight 1 lbs
Capacity 5600
Voltage 10.8 Volts
Cells 6
Whr 61
Color Black
Length 1
Width 1
Height 1
UPC Code 848505806778
Instructions And Manual For Installation No Instructions...

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