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A New Kind of Service-Oriented Laptop Batteries, Batteries, Laptop Accessories, Electronics, External Power, Solar Provider

Laptop Battery One was started by a team of technology professionals with over 40 years of experience, who possess a wealth of experience and knowledge within the technology and laptop battery industry. This experience has allowed our team to craft an approach to this market need with a unique perspective that’s based on what we’ve learned to do and just as importantly what not to do.

Overall, while there are countless resources available for those who have a need for a laptop batteries, batteries, external and portable power or any other type of laptop accessories, many of those resources and outlets are completely impersonal in their approach and simply offer a product at a price that can be justified based on current market conditions. The team at Laptop Battery One offers customers the opportunity to work with a provider that understands how to put the needs, desires and reasonable expectations of the customer at the top of our internal priority list. Below you’ll find specific examples of this approach.

Examples of Our Customer-Centric Approach

Before providing examples of specifics, we’d like you to understand that the reason that Laptop Battery One can provide our customers with such highly-competitive pricing is because we eliminate the middle man and removed all of the unnecessary costs associated with bringing a quality product to market. We purchase our inventory directly from certified manufacturers who are located all over the world so that you don’t have to search for what you need.

We look carefully at our vendors’ certifications and make sure that the products we provide are made from durable raw materials that will provide you with the best opportunity to get your money’s worth. Specific qualities we look for in our suppliers include those who are using the highest name brand Grade A battery cells, those laptop batteries with the highest capacity available, those that provide a long-lasting battery that will last longer than your original and batteries that are assured of quality through ISO9001 certification and that are C, CE and UL rated. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper batteries available using low quality battery cells or refurbished battery cells, these batteries will last less than a year.

Other examples of the customer-centric approach at Laptop Battery One include:

  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – If you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, Laptop Battery One will refund you for your purchase, no questions asked.
  • 1 or 2-Year Warranty – We stand behind all of our products and offer a 1-year or extended 2-year warranty. If your battery fails or does not hold a charge for 30 minutes, we will replace it with a brand new battery. Search the internet for any company offering the same battery quality and same warranty and you'll find that we offer the best warranty at the best price available on the internet. By using only the best battery cells, grades, and components our batteries are design to last. Like anything else you buy, you will get what you pay for and at Laptop Battery One we believe in offering only the best quality at the best price.
  • Same-day Shipping – All orders placed between Monday and Friday before noon Pacific Time will be shipped the same day.
  • Secure, Safe Online Ordering Process – Many people still hesitate to transact business in an online setting, and for good reason. The team at Laptop Battery One has spared no expense or effort to make sure that your order is private, safe and secure. We have implemented a 128-bit SSL encryption code on our servers, and we do not store credit card information. In addition, we have partnered with, one of the world’s leaders in safe online transaction management, to provide you with the security you deserve.
  • $100,000 Equipment Protection Plan - Our $100,000 Equipment Protection Plan automatically covers you up to $100,000 from any damage to your device only on batteries and/or chargers purchased from This Equipment Protection Plan is free and is valid for the duration of your warranty period. Only the batteries and chargers that are marked with a Protection Plan Icon on our website are covered.
  • As you can see, when a company offers only the highest quality in its products and puts the same level of emphasis on its service to customers and how it does business, those who have a need for these products should feel comfortable and secure in working with them. That’s exactly what we’ve done at Laptop Battery One, and if you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to obtain the information you need.