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7W Foldable Solar Charger

7W Foldable Solar Charger

Product Review (submitted on September 11, 2014):
This is the first Solar product I have ever purchases so in doing there was some amount of skepticism
and just going on faith in clicking on Add to My Cart button and am so very happy in doing so. The charger
is compact and lightweight and would serve perfectly for backpacking adaptations. Further on after opening
and walking outside to find some sunlight to test it I found as soon as I encountered some sunlight in the hallway
the USB port charge light came on immediately. Feeling encouraged I went outside and found a place in direct sunlight
to hang it on and plugged in my Blackberry with the USB cord and the phone began charging. I tried moving it around to
different areas around the house outside and noticed it favored direct sunlight but it would blink when not in direct and
then stay lit when in direct sunlight as the clouds moved in and out of the sunlight. I absolutely love the Charger
and with no reservations whatsoever encourage those who are looking to build their SHTF kit to include this Charger
and especially since it has a very good and reasonable price Thank you very much for all you do